Lock or unlock a domain

Domain locking prevents unauthorized changes to a domain such as transfers and DNS modifications. If a domain is locked, transfers and DNS modification cannot be made until the domain is unlocked. This is a security feature that has been designed to ensure that registrants have full control over the modifications made to their domain. It helps you, the Reseller, to secure your clients' domains against slamming, hijacking or other forms of 'domain transfers' that have NOT been properly authorized by the registrant. Domain locking prevents Registrar transfers away from OpenSRS, RSP2RSP transfers to another OpenSRS Reseller, and DNS Management. If a registrant wants to perform any of these actions for a locked name, the name must first be unlocked.

Note: Domain locking does NOT prevent contact management.

Locking or unlocking a domain

  1. In the Domains section of the Control Panel, enter all or part of the domain name for which you want to search, and then click Search.
  2. Click the domain you want to lock or unlock.
  3. From the Actions drop-down list, choose Lock Domain or Unlock Domain.
    The option you see depends on the current lock/unlock status of the domain.
Locking or unlocking a domain

Locking and unlocking multiple domains

You cannot lock some domains and unlock other domains in the same request; instead, you must submit one request to lock domains, and an additional request to unlock domains.

Important: You can change the lock status of any domain that is under your management provided that, in doing so, you do not go against the wishes of the domain registrant. The feature is meant to help preserve the registrant's desire to remain with their chosen RSP; if this is no longer the registrant's wish, the domain lock MUST be removed at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

To lock or unlock multiple domains

  1. In the Domains section of the Control Panel, click the boxes to put a checkmark next to each of the domains that you want to lock or unlock.
  2. From the Bulk Actions drop-down list, choose Lock/Unlock.
  3. UnderLock Domainchoose Enable to enable locking for the selected domains, or choose Disable to disable locking for those domains.
  4. Optionally, in the Email results to field, enter the email address to which you would like the results to be mailed.
  5. Click Save Domain Lock.
Locking and unlocking multiple domains

Important: There is no undo for this operation, so be very careful when selecting the domains to include in the bulk job. Once you submit the bulk job, it might be possible to cancel the job in the View Details page; however, if any domains have already been processed, you will have to either edit each of those domains or submit another bulk job for those domains, specifying the settings that you want. For more information, see "Suspending, cancelling, or resuming a bulk change request".


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