The SSL Certificate Purchase Process

The following diagram illustrates the steps involved in purchasing SSL Certificates.


Step 1: User creates order

You can place the order on behalf of your customer either through the Trust Manager or the API. The order can then be saved for later processing or submitted immediately.


  • Pending—order was saved
  • In Progress—order was submitted immediately

Step 2: SSL Provider receives and confirms the order

Upon submitting the order, the system sends the information to the SSL vendor.

ORDER STATE: In Progress

Note: For domain vetted certificates, an additional verification email is sent to the domain owner requesting approval. The domain owner is determined during the ordering process, based on the public WHOIS information for the domain.

Step 3: SSL Provider verifies the order

Once a confirmation has been sent, the SSL Provider takes the information provided in the order and verifies it. For organization vetted certificates, there is additional verification of the organization that is applying for the SSL Certificate.

ORDER STATE: In Progress

Please note: SSL certificate orders can remain in progress for an indefinite period of time if there is a delay in processing, during which funds will remain on hold.  The only exception is SSL Lite, which is processed instantly.

OpenSRS does not cancel orders that remain in progress for an extended period, but the vendor may choose to cancel the order at their own discretion.

The Reseller can cancel the order manually to recover the amount of funds on hold.

Step 4: SSL Provider issues the SSL Certificate

If the verification passes, the SSL Provider then, via email, issues the SSL Certificate and accompanying installation instructions to the admin contact specified in the original order.

ORDER STATE: Completed

Step 5: SSL Certificate is received

The admin contact associated with the order receives a copy, by email, of the SSL Certificate.


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