Delete a domain(s)

A refund may be issued for new gTLD domain registrations only if the domain is revoked within 4 days of registration. A processing fee is applied to the domain refund.

The number of new registrations that you can delete is limited to a maximum of 10% of your last 30 days worth of registrations. For example, if you registered 100 domains in the past 30 days, you can delete up to 10 of them.

Important: This option is currently only available through the Classic Reseller Interface.

To delete a new domain

  1. In the Classic Reseller Interface, click the Domain Refunds link in the Domain Management section.
  2. Enter the domains that you want to delete in the text field. Be sure to put each domain name on a separate line.
  3. Click Submit.

A processing fee will be applied to the domain refund, and the refunded amount can be viewed by using the Payment Information link in the RWI.

To delete a domain registration that has been registered for more than 4-5 days, contact Compliance ( NO REFUND will be given, whether it be a new registration or a renewal. If the registrant no longer wants the domain, please disable auto-renew for the domain. The domain can then be parked with advertisement to generate some revenue or the name servers can be changed to non-functioning name servers so that no website shows up.  

Domain renewals can not be reversed under any circumstances, as once the renewal order is received by our system, it is immediately applied at the registry. As we have no way to retrieve money from the registry for domain years purchased through renewals, we are unable to refund resellers who renew names in error. If you submit a renewal but are not sure if the renewal has been applied, please contact us rather than submitting it again.  


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