ICANN Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP) FAQ

A new Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP) mandated by ICANN introduces consistency into expiration messaging and recovery for generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) registrations across all ICANN-accredited registrars.

The following changes came into effect as a result of the new ERRP (for gTLDs only):

  • The 30-day expiration email notice is now MANDATORY.Resellers are no longer able to disable this message for gTLDs. You'll continue to be able to edit this message template as before.
  • A new, mandatory email has been introduced three days AFTER expiration.As with the pre-expiry emails, this message is editable by resellers.
  • ICANN requires resellers to publish fees for domain renewals, including post-expiration renewal fees (if different) and also redemption/restore fees on their website.Additionally, those fees must be included in registration agreements. All resellers are required to be in compliance with this by the end of August. (note: redemption and other fees are detailed in the Master Services Agreement in Appendix A -download as PDF)

To avoid any registrant confusion, the 30-day expiration email notice will not be sent for gTLDs set to auto-renew in OpenSRS.

The changes to email messaging went into effect onJune 24, 2013. You may wish to verify that all of your message templates are as you want them. Assuming you are logged in, you can do that here: https://rr-n1-tor.opensrs.net/resellers/index.cgi?action=mspconfig_useremail

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are 30-day renewal reminders becoming mandatory?

ICANN has mandated that all registrars, including Tucows/OpenSRS, provide email reminders to registrants 30 days prior to expiry.Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP)

Can I just handle the reminders myself and opt-out of the ones sent by OpenSRS?

No. ICANN requires that the emails be sent as a condition of our accreditation and we are subject to a compliance audit to ensure the emails were sent as required. Allowing resellers to opt-out is not possible as we can’t fully ensure compliance with the policy unless we are fully in control of the sending of the emails.

My system/panel handles renewals automatically, a few days prior to expiry. My customers will be confused if they get an email that tells them their domain will expire. What can I do?

Even if you have your own system that automatically renews domains prior to expiry, ICANN still mandates that emails be sent 30 days prior to remind registrants that their domains are coming up for renewal.

The emails sent by OpenSRS to registrants can be edited and customized with your own messaging via the Reseller Web Interface. We recommend that you take the opportunity to include any information about how you handle automatic renewals. Consider reminding your customers to ensure that their payment information is up to date to ensure the renewal is processed successfully. This both reduces any registrant confusion, and also assists in ensuring that renewals are more likely to occur without incident.

What if I set domains to auto-renew in OpenSRS? Does that disable the messages?

Domains set to auto-renew in OpenSRS will be renewed 30 days prior to expiry and therefore no notice will be sent. Auto-renew does not actually disable the messages. If we instead auto-renewed domains 10 days before expiry (or allowed resellers to choose a variable renewal date), then the 30-day notice would still have to be sent as mandated by ICANN.

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