Email Configuration Guides for End Users (Apple Mail, Android, iOS, Thunderbird, Outlook)

The attached unbranded guides can be provided to your customers and end users.

These guides describe client-specific walk-throughs. It is intended to help the novice end-user set up their email if they choose to use a client instead of, or in conjunction with the Webmail interface.

OpenSRS Email Service works great with Windows and Apple OSX operating systems, as well as IOS and Android-based mobile devices. The attached generic end-user documentation can help guide your customers through the process of setting up email on their desktop, smartphone or mobile device.

Android Email Configuration.pdf

Mac Mail Email Setup.pdf

Thunderbird Email Setup.pdf

iOS 10 Email Configuration.pdf

Outlook Email Setup.pdf

The following .doc versions of the above guides can be branded as desired:

Android Email Configuration.docx

Mac Mail Email Setup.docx

Thunderbird Email Setup.docx

iOS 10 Email Configuration.docx

Outlook Email Setup.docx

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